your way to your own valinos

Due to the fact, that valinos are a high-quality product especially made to your requirements, your foot measurement data and to your design wishes, it is unfortunately not possible to order valinos online. To provide you the best walking experience and deliver compelling and constant quality, it is necessary to visit your local valinos dealer. Your agent to assist you on your way to your own valinos.

1. find your valinos dealer

2. visit your local valinos distributor


Your feet are precisely measured by computer-aided foot measurement in order to ensure individual insole fit.

Consulting and choice

Your valinos distributor has got all available samples of materials and straps and will assist you with your choices to obtain unique footwear that is perfectly tuned to your wishes and needs.

3. Anticipation


Your valinos order will be processed for manufacturing by our professionals as fast as possible. Even modern computer-aided production depends on people: Our professionally trained personnel evaluate and analyze all generated data – the basis for your individually produced valinos. The individual foot embeddings are produced using innovative CNC milling technology. The single components like embedding, belt and shoesole are assembled precisely by hand.

4. Delivery

Pickup at your local valinos distributor

You have to visit your valinos distributor once again to do the fitting. Because valinos are individually designed to provide the best orthopedic support for your feet it is important to check the fitting accuracy. 


5. For a special walking experience

One of a kind and incomparable comfort

Have fun with your new valinos and get used to an envious look from others.