Our valinos Clogs are the only slippers made with an orthopedic footbed. It is especially made for the customers feet and based on our established valinos modelling. This results in maximum wearing comfort.

The upper of the shoe is made of valuable felt or leather and the cover is made of felt. 

We offer 4 different felt and 3 different leather upper and 10 different felt cover. The material of the footbed, of the upper, of the cover and of the shoesole can be chosen from our wide range of materials.

Our Clogs are the perfect slipper!


Clogs - Classic

The classic modell is made of felt or leather upper, felt cover, shoesole and individual made, or­tho­pe­dic footbed.

Clogs - mixed

The felt shaft is a visual highlight.

You can choose from 3 different shafts.

The cover can be chosen freely from 11 different materials.