The Sandals version is based on the special and proven footbed design of our valinos Beach models. The special requirements for wearing our valinos Sandals models are considered and integrated into it, beginning with the footbed shape. This results in maximum wearing comfort. For Sandals, straps are available with 2 or 3 buckles. For customers with special foot problems, a 2-buckle strap is available together with a heel strap. This gives the wearer greater security and better hold. valinos Sandals are well suited for use as slippers and can be worn all year long.


sandals – two

The two-modell has a strap with 2 buckles. It looks more solid but gives also hold. It is often taken by men.

sandals – three

The three-modell has a strap with three buckles. It looks more elegant and is often taken by women. 

sandals – two one

The two-one-modell has a strap with 2 buckles and a heel belt. It gives more support and a secure feeling.

sandals – swift

The swift model has a velcro strap which allows an always accurate adjustment, without restricting the foot.

sandals – oriental

We have responded to your feedback and can now offer another belt variant. Away from the classic sandal design.

sandals – stretch

The strap over the instep can be adjusted individually due to the buckle.

In addition, the elegant colors and design provide a special eye-catcher.