modern leisure time footwear and the foot care the customer requires combined with individual design wishes

Enjoy the comfort of insoles and stay individual and trendy. Our valinos are modern, high-quality products which transfer your individual design wishes into a excellent orthopedic shoe, pleasant for your legs and feet.

What do valinos look like?

Each valinos is like no other. The wide variety of possible combinations keeps creating new compositions. In this way, the customer obtains unique footwear that is perfectly tuned to his or her wishes and needs. Valinos are suited for all those who love special things and don't want to do without incomparable comfort. 

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How are valinos made?

Based on measurements of the customer's feet, the footbed is adapted to individual requirements. The latest CNC milling technology, certified materials and considerable craftsmanship combine to create a long-lived high-quality product. 

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